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My Life Portal Provider Registration: Guidance for Inclusion

The My Life Portal is designed to help people to access information about the care and support they need to enable them to live independently, or signpost them to services within their local area. With self-directed support and personalisation, care and support provision is based upon the desired and agreed outcomes of the supported person. This means that the types of support and care provision have diversified greatly to include providers of services that would not have been included previously.

Registration as a Provider


Organisations providing services and products which can support people or help them with their care can register as a provider on the directory on the My Life Portal. This brief offers guidance and advice regarding the inclusion criteria for appearing on the Dundee My Life Portal resource directory.

What type of organisation can register?

To be included in the My Life Portal directory, organisations will be expected to meet one or more area of the following criteria:

Provision of services or products relating to:

  • Practical support and care
  • Emotional support and care
  • Social support and care
  • Support and advice for people who care for others
  • Services to help people to access transportation for getting about
  • Support and advice relating to health and wellbeing
  • Support and information relating to housing needs
  • Support and advice regarding money matters
  • Family and parenting support
  • Information about leisure and recreational activities
  • Advice and information about work and education

Information for providers


Any businesses which provide products and services relating to any these areas will be considered for inclusion in the Dundee My Life Portal Directory. For example, a business selling home adaptations, or a business selling counselling services will both be considered for inclusion.

This list is not exhaustive, but instead is intended as general guidance for prospective organisations wishing to be registered as a provider of services and care. All registration requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions, please contact us at mylifedundee@dundeecity.gov.uk.

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