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Who can get care and support?

We carry out person-centred, outcome focussed assessments to decide if we can offer care and support. We give priority to people who are least able to live independently. We do this by using elgibility criteria in line with the Scottish Government's national Strategy. These criteria allow the allocation of resources in a fair, consistent way. Personalised assessments determine your ability to live independently without support. Carers are eligible for their own assessment.

We will discuss with you what support is required to enable you to live independently. For example, you might want help with day-to-day care such as bathing, dressing, or getting out and about.

Where there is a lower risk to your ability to live independently, we will offer you information and advice. For example, you might be having some difficulties, but can manage most aspects of daily living without support.

We will meet with you to discuss your needs, and we will usually arrange to meet with you in your home.

A full eligibility criteria and standard delivery timescales document can be found here.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about SDS

Outcome focussed assessment

Your meeting will be with someone from a social work team. The person may be a social worker, occupational therapist, a support worker, or other worker. If you wish, you can ask a friend or family member to accompany you. As part of the outcome focussed assessment, we will arrange to meet with you, discuss what matters to you, agree what support you require, and note down key points from the assessment. Agreed outcomes will be based upon the princple of improving health, wellbeing, social inclusion, and independent living.

Sometimes, we need to visit you more than once. We also may ask if we can contact your GP or district nurse or other professionals. This will help us to provide you with the right support and care. After your meeting, we will use all information to decide what support we can offer, inform you of our decision, discuss options with you, and provide you with a copy of the completed assessment form.

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