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What is Personalisation?

Personalisation ensures that every person who receives support, whether it is provided by statutory services, or funded by themselves, will have choice and control over the support they receive. It helps people to live indepdendently, and enable them to make choices about the support that helps them to live independently. Personalisation means that people are actively involved in shaping and selecting the services they receive; it promotes greater independence, and focuses on getting positive results for everyone involved.

This means people should have more choice and control over the support they receive. Personalisation allows people to choose the type of support they want to get the results they need. It also means people may choose to have control over the budget for their support.

Individuals's support and care needs are established by way of an outcomes focussed assessment. Personalistion enables people to decide how, and where they wish to be supported, and when their support is delivered in order to achieve the outcomes which matter to them. Self-Directed Support is the process that supports the delivery of Personalisation. Dundee City Council is committed to the implementation of self-directed support and ensuring individuals and families have real choice and control.

How is Personalisation achieved?

If you are referred to the Health and Social Care Partnership, and you are eligible for support, you will be offered an outcome focussed assessment. This assessment will give you the opportunity to talk about what matters to you, which will be used to agree a number of outcomes you wish to achieve. These outcomes will be designed to enable you to live independently.

Self-directed support is how personalisation can be achieved. Personalisation allows for a holistic assessment which takes into account each person's own circumstances and desired outcomes. Of all the outcomes assessed, a personalised support plan will contain those which the council has reponsibility to provide for.

There are four different options available to you which have been designed to allow for as much or as little input as you want to have in the arrangement, delivery, and payment of your support.

Contacting us

If you are already engaged with a social care service, have a chat with the person who reviews your care, and ask about how you can be more involved. If you are not currently engaged with social care services and you think you might need some help in maintaining your ability to live indepdently, please contact our team at:

Health and Social Care Partnership, First Contact Team, Dundee & Angus Independent Living Centre, Charles Bowman Avenue, Dundee, DD4 9UB

E-mail: firstcontact.teamadmin@dundeecity.gcsx.gov.uk, Tel: 01382 434019

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