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Moving to a care home

We recognise that the process of moving to a Care Home is highly emotional and often at a moment of crisis. This guide is to support you to be as informed as possible & give examples of the questions to ask, things to consider and information to read.

We have aimed to identify the key Steps in the process. We recognise that there will be differences for each individual but have tried to capture the main issues.

Step One - Initial Contact

The initial contact with someone about moving to a Care Home often occurs after an event at home or as a result of being admitted to hospital.

Even when things seem to be moving fast there is still an opportunity to check you are asking for and receiving the right information for you and your loved ones.

From Home

The initial contact might be made by one of the following:

  • Your GP
  • District Nurse
  • Support Worker
  • First Contact Team

From Hospital

The initial contact might be made by the Nursing Team.

They will then arrange for an assessment to be made to gather all relevant information to help identify what type of Care is needed and which Home can provide it.

Step 2 - Gathering Information

Once you have made Initial Contact a Team Manager from one of the four Locality Teams will arrange for an Assessment to be carried out. If your relative is still in hospital a Resource Manager will arrange for the Assessment.

A decision will be made if a Nursing or Residential Home is needed and to find out which ones have vacancies.

Consideration Point

If there are any concerns about your loved one’s ability to make decisions that affect their health or overall well-being please seek advice from your support worker. Further information is available here.

Power of Attorney

If there is already a Power of Attorney in place, make sure your Support Worker is aware of it as soon as possible.

More information about Power of Attorney can be found here.

Information about Financial Assistance can be found here.

Step 3 - Care Home

If the need to move to a Care Home is in an emergency then it will be to the first available, suitable Care Home.

There may still be the possibility of a move to a different home so it may be worth making some visits.

If there is more time to plan the move it is definitely worth visiting a few different homes to find out what they are like. Ask lots of questions, speak to as many people as possible. Consider visiting at different times of day.

The following link provides examples of the questions to ask, not all will be relevant but is gives you an idea.

You may also want to view recent Inspection Reports. You can search by the name of the Care Home or by area.

If you are paying privately the process of choosing may vary slightly but will still depend on vacancies in your chosen home.

There is an expectation that the move is to the first available & suitable Care Home.

Step 4 - Residency

Unless it is an emergency admission you will be advised as to the date of admission. Information about what you can bring and other support will also be provided.

An initial Review (to check how things are going) will take place shortly after your move and you will be involved in regular reviews thereafter.

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